For many smokers the enjoyment of a Bluntpaper is a noble and stylish way to smoke. In the USA it has long been an integral part of the smoking culture. But blunts are also very popular in other countries.
In the beginning, a cigar was cut open so that the contents could be replaced by any other filling. Since smoking with cigar leaves became more and more popular, you can now also buy loose tobacco leaves for direct filling. These papers are easier to roll and are refined with many fruity aromas. The smoking pleasure becomes even better.


Pre-rolled blunts and alternatives to tobacco

Blunts are not only available in different flavours, but also in different types of paper. If you are looking for a nicotine-free version, blunts made of transparent cellulose or hemp paper are just the right choice.
If you want to build faster or if you do not roll well, we recommend pre-rolled cones, which simply need to be filled. We also have mixed cones on offer. So you can find your favourite taste.