A good tobacco, no matter how you smoke it, can be enjoyed with a suitable filter. With cigarettes, pipes or even rolled paper, the use of filters has long since become an established feature. The various filter materials are specially designed for the appropriate types of application.
We carry a large selection of different cigarette filters and tips for rolling your own cigarettes or even cigarette tubes for a filling machine.You will also find activated carbon and meerschaum filters for all common tobacco pipes. Papers, pipes or other accessories are also available here.

Reduce pollutants and preserve the pleasure

Cellulose, activated carbon and other materials used in filters have extremely good filtering properties. The smoke becomes significantly cooler and more pleasant. Condensate, nicotine, tar and other pollutants are reduced, while the taste is retained. You also have a clean mouth feel and no tobacco on your lips.
If the ingredients are desired, the filter tip is the best choice. One enjoys the advantages of a filter cigarette, but has the pure tobacco taste when smoking.

Different filters for tobacco pipes

Whether the pipe is smoked with or without a filter is a topic that is often discussed among pipe smokers. In Europe, pipe smoking with a filter has become established. The most common smoking pipes use filters made of activated carbon or meerschaum to improve the smoking pleasure. In our online shop you can get pipe filters from traditional manufacturers like Vauen, Savinelli or Stanwell.