A grinder is an important accessory that no smoker should miss. The smart mills grind tobacco mixtures, herbs, spices or similar materials effortlessly and in a short time. You no longer have to work with a knife or scissors, and you no longer have sticky fingers. You just put the material to be shredded in the mill, turn it a few times and the inside is ready.
There are sharp blades inside the herb mill to make your work easier. With little effort, stems or other harder ingredients are crushed without any problems. The result is always impressive. You will only get high-quality grinders of the best brands from us. So you can enjoy the product for a long time.


Large selection of different designs and sizes

Today the choice of herb mills is gigantic. Whether two or four parts, with or without sieve, we help you to find the right grinder for you. Our categories show you the most popular materials wood, plastic and aluminium. These are often used by users. We sort the products according to their abilities. So you will find exactly the grinder you need.
Grinders are not one size fits all, so everyone can decide for his individual use which format he needs. From small to XL everything is available. With the colourful selection and the different shapes or motifs, a grinder for everyone is guaranteed.