The ashtray is a natural utensil for every smoker. It keeps smoking areas clean at all times and cigarettes or pipes have a way to be put down. In the beginning it was only a round bowl, but in the course of time it has been developed and adapted to the smoker.
Today there are many different models. Depending on the place and number of people, they are more suitable. For example, ashtrays used outside should protect the ashes from the wind. This way they cannot be spread on the table. Models for inside protect the apartment from the bad smell of cold ashes. In our shop you will find the most important types divided into different categories. So you will find exactly the right ashtray for you.

Design ashtray or simple model

Also the optics are adapted to the wishes of the smokers in time. In the meantime, ashtrays are available in many different materials such as wood, porcelain or metal. The look is determined by this, but becomes even more individual through many colours and motifs. With the many available designs, no wishes remain unfulfilled.
If you prefer a simple or classic look, we are sure to have the right ashtray in stock. Pipe smokers will also find a selection of high-quality pipe ashtrays in various shapes and sizes.