Many smokers prefer the variant of the self-rolled cigarette, but not only for cost reasons. Due to the unadulterated tobacco aroma and the individual possibilities in handling, the do-it-yourself roll has become a large part of the smoking culture. Material inserted and rolled back and forth three times. Paper moistened and glued. Ready is the self-made cigarette. In the beginning rolling can be quite frustrating if it doesn't work out. But with a little practice or the right tools like rolling machines it should be possible for everyone.

The right paper for your individual rolling art

In our shop you will find a wide range of the most popular brands of rolling papers available on the market. But not all papers are the same. Depending on the product range, papers differ in length, material and thickness. In our subcategories you will find all available sizes from short papers to rolls for cutting. You can also sort to the type of paper you require.
We offer all products in packages and cheap boxes. So you save the walk to the gas station, because once again the papers are out. Cigarette filters, filter tips or other filters are available from us in similar package offers. You save time and money and have exactly the paper that suits you.